Im terrible with titles..

I am absolutely terrible with naming my blogs and images and even worse about writing caption on them. I’m not really sure why. I got an B in English Comp. could of been an A according the Professor but I was terribly late with a lot of my work. Which is a bit mind boggling considering the career path I have chosen. I’m a huge  procrastinator and I know it and that makes it worse. I don’t know why I just am. It’s one of those things I am constantly working on trying to be better. I have a list of things that I try to improve about myself. A list of personal goals that I try to reach. Stop procrastinating and just do it already is close to the top. Any who. back to topic. Why cant I title my work? Its like I am great at coming up with stuff any other time. But when it comes time to title an image or write a caption I go blank. Weird. Oh well, something else to add to that list of mine.

This post is about Tara Nicole and how awesome she is. You will and have seen a lot of her. She is my muse and she lets me do what ever I want to her. I take to the woods and make her pose in the weirdest places and she never complains. She is great. And those eyes. Let me tell you how mesmerizing her eyes are.. Well I don’t have to tell you. I will just show you. Hair, make up, and wardrobe credit goes to yours truly. I created every aspect of these images. Location is my living room. I used one soft box up close to light up her face and one further back to light the background area. I shot these images with a Canon T3i, 50mm 1.8 lens for some shots and then switched to my 18-55 standard lens because of space issue’s and I wanted more than just her face.  Don’t ask the aperture & shutter because I don’t remember. The entire look cost less than $20. The hat came from Bell’s Outlet  and corset came out of my closet and the eyelashes actually came from the Dollar General store purchased half off right after Halloween.

Hope you liked my little project. If you want to see more of my work you can follow me on Twitter @momentsforlyfe, Instagram me @jbaby352, or you Like my business pages on  Facebook  @ or


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