Project 365 Day 13… I think…My son’s new smile. :)

Today my son got his braces taken off. He had them for a little over a year. I was surprised when the Doctor said it was time to take them off. I could of swore I had mine for years and years but I guess that was just me being a kid. Shoot back then a day felt like a week and an hour felt like a day. So who knows. I probably did only have them on for a year or so. 

Anywho. Its been a few days sense I used my camera. But today I had a awesome reason. My son got his braces removed!!! YAY!!! AND HIS TEETH LOOK AWESOME! If I do say so myself. 🙂 almost 5 Grand later… they better look freaking supercalifragilisticexpialidoshis awesome! LOL



I cant believe he is 13 already. Oh my God does time fly now that I am an adult. Its crazy how our sense of time changes as we get older. It seems like yesterday when I gave him to my mom. This past ten years has been very difficult learning experience for me and I am so Thanksful that I am older now and I have moved past that life and started my new life. My photographic life. The images and memories I actually want to remember. My twenties are such a blur. Half of it I dont remember from the alcohol and the other half I wish I could forget because of the stupid choices I made. You know the phrase “If I knew then what I know now” yea that one. Boy looky here. We will have to get into that another day. This post isn’t about my testimony. Its about my awesome son and perfect smile. 🙂


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