My First Moon!


I finally got to shoot my very first moon!!! I had to wait for just the right time when the moon was coming through the trees. I was going to wait until it was really high in the sky but I figured it might be hard to get the camera steady on the tripod at that angle. I dont know about other photographers but I hate using my tripod. This is actually my second. I broke the first.. hehe.. oops…  (no camera’s were harmed, so I was super lucky). I did figure out that I soooo need a remote control for my camera.

Being that I had to slow the shutter speed down really low to get the shot I was having a hard time getting the camera perfectly still when I had to touch it to press the shutter button. I recommend getting a remote control trigger thing if you want to get crisp clear images of the moon. I had fun playing with my settings trying to get the shot just right.


Im not sure I got the shot I was trying to get but I did get some really cool images. At least I think they are cool.. Hopefully you will too 😉



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