The color Black

Last week I had a homework assignment that asked me to choose a color and take some images using the color as a symbolic reference for something. Well for me black symbolizes the emptiness and sadness I feel away from my son.

I gave my mother custody of my son about eleven years ago because I was arrested for selling weed. I didn’t want to loose him to child protective services and so I gave him to my mother. After loosing him I went into a deep spiral of downhill self destruction and ended up being arrested about a dozen times on various drug charges over the next five years. In 2007 I woke up and started working super hard to get my life back on track and be the mother that my son deserves. I went back to school and graduated in 2010 with a AS degree in Business and am currently in school for photography. I have been working with the family business now sense approx 2008 and my son and I get to see each other at least once a week. I could of fought to get custody back several times but I chose not to. He is doing great with my mom and he has grown up to be a smart talented young man and I am so proud of him and my mom for taking on my responsibilities without hesitation.

Back to the collection. I chose black to symbolize how empty and alone I feel without him close to me.

Many people chose to judge me for my mistakes and thats cool that is their prerogative but I want what is best for my son and tearing him away from his home isnt what is best for hime. He is 13 now. Pretty soon he will be off to college and I can just stalk him. 🙂


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