The great Picasso once said, “Without great solitude, no serious work is possible”. It is said that one must first learn to enjoy being alone with one’s own thoughts before one can truly explore their creative minds. The subject of solitude is a difficult one because it can mean so many different things.

I created this series to explore the solitude that an artist must go through and conquer in order to find our true creative selves. The series begins with a lonely soul who want nothing else but to escape her solitary life. It continues to follow her as she steps out of herself into the unknown in search of her creative self. This journey carries her through different seasons as she explores her inner self she finds herself on top of a hill weary of going on. High in the sky and surrounded by fresh air and nature, free to dream and live and create anything she wants to.

It was May Sarton the American novelist who said, “Solitude shared with animals has a special quality, and rarely turns into loneliness.” (Teleky, 2013). Continuing her journey through the woods searching for inspiration she finds herself alone surrounded by life and full of ideas, excitement, and fear. Excitement for the future and what lies ahead, and fear, paralyzing fear that leaves her sitting wondering. “Am I really ready? “


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