More Than Enough

Mrs. Shawana Vickers CEO More Than Enough Inc.
Mrs. Shawana Vickers CEO More Than Enough Inc.

A few weeks back I posted a video trailer from a shoot I did back in December. This week I am going to tell you a little more about the project and the non-profit organization I am now so proud to be apart of.

More Than Enough Inc. is a faith-based, non-profit organization that empowers men, women, boys, and girls to create change within themselves and their surroundings. We invite individuals of all ages and from all walks of life to implement transformations that tackle issues to help recognize their goals, dreams, and desires. MTE, Inc. provides the tools, resources, partnerships and support that this young generation, men and women need to gain the ability to accomplish, develop problem and life solving skills, and the capacity to realize their full potential in life.

More Than Enough, Inc. envisions that every community will unite as one to be educated, empowered, and inspired to believe in their own unique leadership qualities in all aspects of life. Using positive self-images, confidence building techniques, and character development, we will bring self-awareness and knowledge that will allow all people to enhance and develop their full potential of life. In an effort to provide invaluable resources, we will promote an atmosphere that will allow the nation to fellowship, celebrate, and foster excellence through both inner and outer beauty. We believe every man, woman and child will become beneficial and supportive to the community, their family, and the future of the world.

You are probably wondering who the beautiful woman is on the featured image for this post. Well she is none other than the mastermind and CEO for this powerful organization Mrs. Shawana Vickers. She is an amazing inspiration for so many young people from all races and origins. She is a great inspiration to myself and many others and she continues to help her community UNITE.

How awesome is that I say!! Pretty freaking awesome!! If you would to learn more about the organization and what they do you can find them on facebook at 


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