Why do digital files cost so damn much???

This is a long read but worth it. Please stick with it ❤
I’ve been asked why digital files cost as much as they do, because essentially they cost little to nothing to create. While that may seem true it’s really not. The best way I can think of to relate the value of the digital file is to turn it into something else that may be easier to relate to. Think of the digital file as a secret recipe from a professional chef. {Aka the photographer}
The chef has to have many things which go into the making of his ‘secret recipe’. {Education, experience,etc}
This chef decide’s that because people love his secret recipe so much that he will open a restaurant {photography business} , in his restaurant he will obviously have the needed equipment to cook and serve the food to his customers. { In the photography world this would be our camera, computers, memory cards, filters, lights, studio, backdrops etc}
Now so many people have asked the Chef {photographer} for his secret recipe. {Digital files}. The Chef debates on if he should share this. Maybe he can make more money by sharing it… BUT why would his customer’s come back for him to cook the meal when they can do it themselves now? {At home printing vs professional printing}
Finally due to high demand and constant requests for it the chef does decide to sell the secret recipe to anyone who wants it but at a premium price. The chef has to account for the customers who will never return to have him prepare the meal {print through the photographer} while still accounting for expenses like his & his staffs salary {photographers salary}, the costs of having a store front {studio/power/insurance/taxes}, and the wear and tear on his kitchen equipment that will need to be maintained and replaced. {Camera, batteries, memory cards, computer, external storage, studio equipment, etc}
After selling the secret recipe so much the chef begins to lose more and more business. {Income} It seems every new customer who comes into the restaurant buys the secret recipe {digital files} instead of coming back again. Due to the slow growth of his business and a lack of dinner revenue {Print/album/canvas sales} the Chef {photographer} decides the best course of action is to shut down and close his door’s.
My point is that digital files do cost to create. Not just in the man hours spent on education, editing, and creating the images, and not just the equipment used, let a lone the wear & tear on that equipment. I’m personally on my THIRD camera body in the last 6 years, and my second computer in 3, I have 5T in external storage to house my CLIENTS photos and keep them protected. I spend money all year on continuing my education and trying/finding new vendors to bring my clients the best products I can. No business can survive working for free or little to nothing. ‪#‎supportsmallbusiness‬ ‪#‎shoplocal‬ #momentsforlyfe

written by my dear friend Mrs. Jennifer Lazos.. you can find her amazing work here


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