Cherish it… You may hate it.. But cherish it…. there is such thing as a Last time!!

so cute!!! let me just say your kids look soooo cute!!!!! Scrolling through my several social media feeds I am seeing all your adorable children dressed up in their little Halloween costumes and they look too freaking cute!! It makes me think about a time when I got to do those types of things.. Being that I lost custody of my son at 18 months and have been a sort of a outside figure stalking him from afar and Halloween was always one of those times I got to go pick him up and take him around town trick or treating and pretend, even if just for a short time, I got to be a real mom! Times I have learned to cherish more than anything now.

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I miss the days when my son dressed up for Halloween and I got to take him places hunting for goodies… Those where special moments for me and him and I miss them sooo much!!!! He is 15 now, and I am no longer cool enough to hang out with on Halloween.. I ask what his plans are now and I get the all too famous ” I dont know”, answer. Grrrrrr.. That just burns me up!! I HATE that answer!!!! But that is another Blog entirely.. I will have to add that to the list tho for sure 😉

My message to you young parents, and my entire premise for this blog is…


Dont just cherish their firsts..

But Cherish Their EVERY IN BETWEENS,

all the way up to their LAST!

Because IT, is coming…

Because one day there will be a last and then all you will be left with are memories and hopefully LOTS of pictures!!! Pictures help capture those special moments that might not last forever!! If you would like a pro’s touch I know of a couple photographers in the Marion County area who will be available tomorrow to help you out with those special moments. You being in the pictures may not seem important now, but it is, so dont let time go by before you put the camera down and get in the picture with them!!!

Like I said you never know when it will be your LAST time….

Hopefully you found this entry useful in some way of fashion or it reminded you to spend more time with your kids, which is the whole idea.. Let me know in the comment section below!! I want to know if I help anyone out there!! That is my goal with this site. To share my knowledge that I learned the Hard way per say.. So that hopefully you wont have to learn it the same way and you can be a better you without the struggle I faced.. #sharingitforward #payitforward #helpingotherslivebetterlives


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