brought together by love

#BROUGHTTOGETHERBYLOVE is a campaign/hashtag created by Jennifer M Gifford Photographer to bring light to Multi Racial Love from All Over the World. Jennifer M Gifford is a natural light photographer who specializes in Weddings, Fine Art, and Fantasy Photography. Jennifer has been in Multi Racial Relationships her entire life, never actually dating inside her own race.  She gave birth to her only child, Jackie, in 2000. Over the years Jennifer & Jackie have been subjected to racism directed to them from Every race and we think it is time to show the world just how Happy & Loving our Multi Race Families really are!!! So join me on my journey (hopefully around the globe) into the lives of these most amazing families…

Love has NO Color!


Multiracial is defined as made up of or relating to people of many races. While defining race is controversial, race remains a commonly used…

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