Gigantic Outdoor Lollipops!!!!

A few tips from viewers if you are having an issue getting them to stick!

Lisa Mcbean Try liquid nail that’s what I used and it held

Elicia Hill-Evans I rolled it and just tied curling ribbon at the end.

Jennifer HildOr fishing line maybe if you don’t want the connection to be seen?


Ann Baker Denton There’s a new E6000 glue that would do the trick!!


Cara Brittany E6000!!! Use e6000!!!

Elizabeth JohnsonWe did this for a candy land dance at my school one year and we used zip ties to hold them together.

Dorothy WeathersHobby lobby recommends E6000 for projects. Just used on a mirror project seems to be working


Amanda AdamsI have a heavy duty hot glue gun that gets extremely hot. It worked fine for me. Made mine last year and just pulled them out of storage and they’re still stuck together nice and tight. smile emoticon


Martha Staley UminCute…they have duck tape in bright florescent colors…that’s what we could use for the stripes.

Got any tips you want to add??? Send our way and we will add them to the list!!
Happy Holidays Decorators!!!

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