Fuck a resolution! I’ve got LYFE GOALS for 2016


As we turn our two faced backs on 2015 many of us are writing down New Years Resolutions, most of us will never fulfill. I’m not bashing. I’m just being honest. I do it too. I make these “Resolutions” and swear I am going to make them happen!! Only to fail miserably every year. So this year I am going to put into effect some what I like to call “LYFE GOALS” Whats the point of year to year goals when in all reality our true goal is to make it through this lyfe and to leave a mark on the world. Whether it be leaving children behind to nourish the earth. Or whether it be a garden patch to help feed the world to come. Whatever it is, don’t limit yourself to just a year. Make it a LYFE GOAL! Dedicate your lyfe to loving those around you!

Dont be bitter.. Be better..


Jennifer M


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